Dutch or English workshops in Monnickendam will be held again in Fall of 2021. Dates will be published soon!
In the comfort of your own home, teaching dates are available upon request.
A workshop can take up from 2 to 4 hours and be as detailed and personalized as you need it to be.

Birthing Basics

The birth of your baby is one of the most impressive moments of your life. But it can be a very exciting experience, if you do not know exactly what to expect. Being thoroughly prepared might just help you and your partner to create a memorable birthing experience. In this workshop we’ll explain all about the birth of your child in the Netherlands. We talk about the different stages in labour, your choice to deliver at home or in the hospital, with or without pain medication and what you can expect when complications arise. We’ll have you experience how to cope with labour pains through different relaxation- and breathing techniques and we’ll discuss all possibilities surrounding natural and synthetic pain medication. By learning Birthlight yoga techniques and different labour positions, you’ll understand how to deal with the intensity of labour. With practical ‘tips&tricks’ you and your partner will know WHAT to do and WHEN. Getting insight in the process of labour and learning different massage techniques will help your partner to support you during the birth of your baby. We’ll cover the writing of a birth preference plan and we talk about the post-partum period, so you are both well prepared to start your new life as a young family. With this workshop-in-1-day you’ll have covered all ‘Birthing Basics’ and you’ll be able to focus on what’s truly important : creating a positive birthing experience for the both of you.

Workshop in 1 day on Satur- or Sundays from 12.30-17.30hr including coffee/tea/snacks, goodiebag and practical hand-out.
Dates available upon request.
Costs per couple €200,-(incl.tax). Minimum attending amount of couples is: 5 couples. Maximum: 8 couples.
Cancellation can be done free of charge until 1 week before the course date. After that period, an administration fee of €50,- will be charged.
Location in Amsterdam : differs each time.

This workshop is taught by birth professional Maartje Bruning (Mother Me).
It’s been developed in cooperation with midwifes, anesthesiologists, pre-natal yoga teachers, doula’s and hypnobirthing teachers.
Participation is recommended in between 28 and 38 weeks of your pregnancy.
Application by sending an email to : maartje@motherme.nl (with mentioning of your name / due date / midwifery practice / desired date of workshop)

This workshop is also available in (short) private sessions, in Italian, German, French and Dutch.
Prices and dates on request.

– Latent stage (including breathing exercises)
– Active stage (including postures/massages)
– Transition
– Birth (including labour positions)
– After birth
– Relaxation & massage exercises
– Pain medication (natural and synthetic)
– Interventions
– Birth preferences plan
– Postnatal period

It’s also possible to follow a short session of the Birthing Basics workshop when the above mentioned dates do not fit into your agenda, or when you just want a session that’s catered perfectly to your needs. This session will be held in the comfort of your own living room and lasts about 3 hours. Costs according to the standard hour fee, depending on the length of the session varying in between €200,- and €400,- (incl.tax).

Pregnant? Feel free to contact me.