Maartje Bruning

T: +31 (0) 657 195 819

Please only whatsapp or call me in between 9 and 17hrs (unless it’s an emergency and it’s birth related)


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Company details

Mother Me Amsterdam Doula & Yoga

BTW: NL1673.90.831 B01
KVK: 6182608

Where do you live and can I reach you in time?

I reside in Monnickendam at a 10 minutes drive from Amsterdam, but that need not apply to you.
By car, motorbike or by bike I need to be able to reach you within a maximum of 60 minutes (my aim is not to go further then 30kms outside of Amsterdam, but there are exceptions to this rule). At night, I prefer to travel by car.
Any parking costs will be invoiced separately afterwards. With a distance of over 10 kilometres I charge 29 cents/kilometer.

When should you call me?

As soon as you know that you’re pregnant, but preferably around 20 weeks gestation. I can only coach about 4 labours per month and planning is essential!
Last minute requests are subject to availability.

When should you call me (during labour)?

Call me when you think that contractions have started, when your water has broken, or when you’re being admitted in hospital.
DEFINITELY call me when your contractions are coming every four minutes for a period of at least two consecutive hours!
Call me when you need me.

Should I miss your labour for ANY reason during my on-call period for you, because I’m otherwise engaged, then I’ll arrange my back up / duo doula Prins to attend your birth immediately after I’ve received your message that active labour has begun. I will arrange payment for the portion of the labour to which the back-up doula attends and will step in when I’m free to do so. Because we will keep in touch regularly during your last few weeks of pregnancy and I plan my activities around your estimated due date and your condition at that time, it is very rare that this will happen.

Should I miss your labour for reasons beyond my control (i.e. because you call me too late or you go into labour earlier than 38 weeks) your invoice will very likely already be made and paid. After the birth of your baby, I will discuss with you any session(s) I can offer you to make up for this loss.