About Maartje

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be either a midwife, sing on stage, or work with floral fabrics. I eventually took over the family business designing and selling shoes and handbags, which I happily did for many years. After giving birth to my two daughters in 2007 and 2011, it became clear that the perfect combination of travelling, seasonal peaks and having a healthy family life was not easily obtained.
Having experienced two induced hospital births myself with the explicit coaching that went along with that, I asked myself what I could do to contribute to a healthy and pleasant birthing culture in the Netherlands. In addition to my training at JJ doula which I followed in 2013, I’ve also chosen to study at Birthlight yoga in 2014 in order to become a prenatal yoga teacher, which diploma I received in 2015. The combination of both professions give me the best opportunity to support each woman in every stage of her pregnancy. More information about Birthlight and it’s unique teaching method: www.birthlight.com.

In 2014 I’ve also become a member of the NBvD, Nederlandse Beroeps Vereniging voor Doula’s, that is responsible for a code of conduct for all doula’s in the Netherlands, and makes sure that all doula’s follow the same standards and are being trained every year to keep their knowledge up to date. More information can be found on: www.nbvd.nl.

Working as a full time doula for several years has led to the launch in the beginning of 2015 of the partner workshop Birthing Basics, that is held in both English and Dutch. Other languages are available in private sessions. In this workshop you’ll be taught in a day what it means to give birth in the Netherlands, how you and your partner can cope with the intensity of the birth of your baby as well as gaining indept knowledge about pain medication in either home- or hospital setting. For more information, please follow the ‘workshop’.

I’ve already guided over 310 women during their pregnancy and labour and I feel blessed and fulfilled to be able to do so. I work closely together with many midwifery practices, but also when you only go to hospital check-ups, I’d be happy to hear from you! I’m experienced with VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean), medical indications and induced labour, breech birth, twin birth, premature birth, planned and emergency (gentle) caesareans, traumatic histories (for example sexual abuse victims), water birth and births with ór without synthetic pain medication. Even if your condition or story is not mentioned here, I’m more than happy to learn more about your specific case and help you find your optimal birth situation.

Since January 2020, de Doula Academie has been launched by me in co-operation with other colleagues. This extensive and in-depth doula training offers aspiring doula’s and senior doula’s the chance of further professionalizing themselves in the obstetric field. This is done mainly by learning how to best communicate with midwifes, gynaecologists and other care professionals in both home birth and hospital settings as well as learning how to build a sustainable doula business. The Doula Academie trains Birth Doula’s as well as Post Partum Doula’s. More info on this Dutch spoken doula training is to be found at http://www.doulaacademie.nl

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My doula training has been in English, in which I am fluent, but my mother tongue is Dutch. Besides Dutch and English, I also speak Italian, German, and French. When giving birth it’ll be very likely that the birthing team will either speak Dutch or English to each other, so it will be best to talk to me in English as well. That said, when speaking solely to me, it’s fine for me to talk to you or your partner in any other language or I’ll even translate during birth if that helps you.

Amsterdam and surroundings

Monnickendam (at a 10 minutes drive from Amsterdam) is where I live. I’ll take on clients in a radius of 30 kilometres around Amsterdam. In my car or on my (motor)bike I need to be able to reach you within maximum 1 hour. At night I prefer to travel by car.

Back up doula Alyne

Alyne Prado is working as the regular back up doula of Mother Me. You can meet her at least once during a prenatal meeting or you will only meet her via a zoom call if you like that better. It’s up to you. Maartje will be your doula on call but if she teaches a Doula Academie class, is attending a birth or is otherwise unavailable, Alyne will be attending your birth. You will know who is on call for you and when.

Alyne lives in Amstelveen since 2007, together with her 2 sons. In addition to Portuguese, she also speak Dutch and English. Alyne has been certified since 2021 at the Doula Academie. Next to being a back up doula for Mother Me doula services, she is also a KGH hypnobirth practitioner, pregnancy massage- & bengkung belly binding specialist. When formerly living in Brazil she used to study Speech-Language Pathology and specialized in problems related to the newborn’s swallowing and sucking ability. She worked a few years as a Neonatal Speech-Therapist and Breastfeeding Consultant.

More info about her is to be found at www.alynedoula.com

Pregnant? Feel free to contact me.